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Motorbike Carrier Terms & Conditions


Bike Logistics is a registered trading name of Kane Moto Group Pty Ltd ABN 99 451 604 160.

BIKE Logistics facilitates the transport of motorbikes between any two places located anywhere in Australia using contracted carriers and our own carrier operating under Kane Moto Group pty ltd.

In the instances where BIKE Logistics uses the services of a contracted carrier, BIKE Logistics acts as a booking agent only and does not physically move your motorbike. All services are carried out by professional bike moving companies or contractors. You are bound by their terms and conditions of carriage.

BIKE Logistics accepts no responsibility for any of the actions or suggestions of contracted carriers or their failure to deliver to the agreed terms. BIKE Logistics can not and will not accept any responsibility for the outcomes of their contracted carriers. BIKE Logistics can not and will not be held liable for any of the business practices of their contracted carriers.

Delivery, transit and 'available from' dates

BIKE Logistics does not guarantee delivery times or promises made by their contracted carriers. Transit times are provided by the individual contracted carriers and are estimates only. Transit times and dates of pickup and delivery provided to you in the quote and booking may vary dramatically due to peak periods, acts of nature and backlogs etc. Do not plan holidays, trips and/or meetings etc using estimated transit times. 

At the point of booking you will be asked to nominate a date that the bike will be available from. Your bike will be collected on the next available schedule as close to that date as possible. Nominating a date does not mean your bike will be collected on that specific date. All interstate motorcycle carriers, work according to set schedules.  Your motorbike will be booked on the schedule with availability as close to your nominated date.  Please note that during summer and peak periods, availability may be several weeks away so we advise booking at least 2 weeks in advance.  Should you wish alternative dates that those we give you at the time of booking, we will happily search for next available dates with other carriers but additional carrier charges may apply for the transport.

Estimated transit times start from the time we collect the bike, not the time when a booking is made. If you bike is not ready for collection or you are not flexible with dates, please do not place a booking.


All motorbikes travelling into Western Australia and Tasmania go through a quarantine process which is a legal requirement.   It requires that all motorcycles must be free of dirt and cleaned prior to loading.  Please ensure that your motorcycle is well cleaned and free of dirt prior to pick up.  Unfortunately, if your motorcycle is found to be in breach of this regulation BIKE Logistics will charge the booking credit card $150 for the quarantine clean and any fines that me be imposed by the regulatory body and the carrier.  This process may hold up the delivery of your  motorcycle.

Crated transport service

Bike Logistics also offers a crated service from Melbourne to Perth, Darwin, Alice Springs and other areas. This service is a general freight service and includes a basic transit insurance up to $30k of the market value of the motorcycle whilst in transit. This insures covers an occurence of fire, flood, theft or overturning of the conveying vehicle ONLY.  Aciidental damage is not included in the transport.  Should you wish additional insurance, we advise that you arrange this seperately before placing a booking.  If you are placing a box with parts in the crate to travel with your bike, please ensure that the box is well padded.  The insurance will not cover any damage sustained to additional items taken with the bike nor damaged caused to the bike due to the additional items.  We recommend you send the parcel of additional items separtely to ensure insurance.

In the instances where your bike is travelling on both a crated service for one leg and via road on another leg with one of our contracted carriers, the insurance level of your motorcycle may differ.  This is dependant on the contracted carrier and their insurance.  If you would like to know what this level of insurance is, please check with us before making a  booking.

Crate Dimensions

The maximum length for a bike to fit in the crate is 228cm, the maximum width is 89cm and the maximum height is 140cm. Please ensure your bike fits these dimensions before placing your booking. Should you bike not meet these dimensions, we will provide alternative options and a quote if required.  Such changes will incur additional carrier charges.  Should you wish to cancel the booking a cancellation fee of $150 will apply 3 business day or more before pickup.  Should a cancellation be made within 3 business days of pickup the entire booking fee will be charged.  Any amendments to these conditions are at the sole discretion of the Bike Logistics Manager.

Insurance or Warranty

All prices quoted by BIKE Logistics include fuel levy, GST and Transit Warranty (if provided) by the contracted carrier. You are bound by the individual contracted carriers terms and conditions. Please refer to their individual terms and conditions of carriage and warranty details. A copy may be provided on the reverse side of their condition report and/or transit paperwork. Please contact BIKE Logistics immediately should you wish to increase the warranty value for your bike or you would like to organise your own transit insurance/warranty.

All warranty claims must be addressed directly with the contracted carrier/s and not BIKE Logistics. BIKE Logistics is not liable and accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to your motorbike while in transit with their contracted carriers. Please note that an excess may apply. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the warranty cover, please contact us for their full Terms and Conditions.

Additional items

Should you wish additional items to be transported with your bike, please call the Bike Logistics office with the dimensions of the box and we will provide you with a price for transporting these items.

Condition of motorcycle for transport

All motorbikes booked as rideable must have brakes, battery and wheels/tyres in full working order and all Perspex visors must be intact. Motorcycles must have steering unlocked or keys provided in order for us to easily push the motorcycle.  All quotes are based on a standard 2 wheel motorcycle which is no longer than 240cm long.  If your motorcycle has extended forks, is raked or is longer than 240cm please let us know the dimensions for appropriate quoting and us allowing enough room to safely move your motorcycle in the truck.  Please advise BIKE Logistics immediately should your motorbike not meet any of the above-mentioned requirements or you have any questions relating to this. Motorbikes deemed as non rideable require specialised carriers who utilise tilt trays and winches so it is vitally important that you advise BIKE Logistics immediately should you think your motorbike may be deemed a non-rolling or non-runner.  Should you not advise Bike Logistics of the condition of the motorcycle at booking, additional charges may be applied should the driver deem the motorcycle as a non-runner or unable to easily manouvere the motorcycle.

Bookings and cancellations

Transport must be paid in full to BIKE Logistics before BIKE Logistics will arrange and confirm transport with their contracted carriers. Once the booking is confirmed we will allocate a date as close as possible to the date you have told us that the bike is ready for transport.

Booking cancellations attract a cancellation fee of up to $150 if cancelled in more 3 business days of pickup.  If cancellation is made within 3 business days of pickup, the entire booking charge is non-refundable.  It is at the sole discretion of the Bike Logistics Manager should a fee be reduced for any reason.  Further charges may also apply for futile collections or motorbikes deemed as non rideable.


BIKE Logistics reserves the right to change or amend any of our Terms and Conditions without notification.

BIKE Logistics reserves the right to cancel or decline bookings at any time without explanation.

By submitting a quote request with or sending an email to BIKE Logistics or any site associated with the Kane Moto Group of Companies, you are agreeing to receive unsolicited emails on future promotions, services and/or products from any of their Companies.


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