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Honda Factory in Japan to re-open on Friday 6 May

Included in a letter to all Honda dealers in Australia, Honda Australia GM Peter Singleton said “it may be weeks before the full effects of the earthquake are known”.   Delays are set to include the Africa Twin and the Goldwing. “Africa Twin will be the most affected” Mr Singleton announced.

It seems that it will be weeks before they will be able to grasp the whole effect of these issues.  At least 40 units destined for Australia that were due to be shipped this week, now look like they will be staying where they are.  Not only does this factory produce many of the motorbikes, they are also the producers of the Fireblade, VFR1200F and NC750X as well as parts for many overseas models.

It will take some time to look at the effects this will have on the production, and the issues this could cause around the world, particularly in Thailand.  Not only was the main factory affected, local part vendors also have been at risk and could ultimately cause even more issues to resume normal production speed. Honda has announced that the factories will hopefully resume their work in stages and is hoping to start operation 100% in mid-August.

Posted: 4/05/2016 9:09:03 AM