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COVID-19 Update


With the implementation of Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne, we are seeing a very high volume of motorbikes moving and an unprecedented number of  freight requests across Melbourne and Australia more broadly. 

Freight and transport will continue to operate everywhere including Melbourne and Victoria.  However, due to the high volumes of transport requests we are seeing (which are unprecedented) we are working tirelessly to ensure that we can still continue to service our clients whilst at the same time keeping our staff protected.

DELAYS IN TRANSIT:  Our vehicles are seeing delays primarily in and out of the Perth/Adelaide and going from Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane and FNQ.  Most trucks move through Melbourne.  This is the way that freight works and it's something that can't really be changed.With restrictions down to 25% of staff working in the depots in Melbourne this means less man power to load and unload vehicles...which means delays.  We are all doing our best to move through these freight volumes as quickly as we can but we must abide by the laws in each jurisdiction.  It's a  moving beast and we all just have to be patient.

Our office team is working remotely and there's no better way to put it other than...we are under the pump!  If you can send requests via email including for tracking we would appreciate it...bookings@bikelogistics.com.au.  If you need to call we are still here on 1300 45 54 64 but there may be some delays.  And please be patient with our team.  We have had to hire new staff (how good is that in a crisis?!) but they are new and learning.  We are all doing our best so please be patient and polite.

OFFICE HOURS:  We have changed our office hours to 9am-4.30pm Mon-Fri to give our team enough time to catch up on emails and go home and get prepared for lock down.  

And finally, thank you all our amazing customers, staff, driving team and partners...we are all in this together.  Stay safe and healthy and ride safe!

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