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Blog » April 2015 » Peace of mind through a motorcycle pre-purchase inspection service

Peace of mind through a motorcycle pre-purchase inspection service

Similar to those services with cars where you pay the RACV/RACQ/NRMA etc to go check out a potential car purchase for you, the same service applies for motorbikes.  It can be called any number of things, but generally it's called a motorcycle pre-purchase inspection.

Run by qualified motorbike mechanics, the service is one where the mechanic attends the property of the seller and checks over the bike mechanically.  Checks vary but commonly the mechanic will look for any visible leaks, check the radiator, fuel system, hoses and pumps, check all the electrical components such as head lights, brake lights and switches, check suspension and the fairings and paint work, tread on the tyres, brakes and the odometer reading and VIN check.

It's quite a thorough check and they provide you with a report at the end of it and some photos for you to look at.  While it's not a guaranteed service, and most won't actually ride the motorcycle (for insurance reasons), it gives you a better idea on the condition of the motorbike without having to rely on the seller's information - let's face it, they have a vested interest on making you want to buy the bike for the best possible price...for them!

There are many services across Australia, but we do know of one in Melbourne run by a Ducati mechanic of many years named Tony Kane.  He can be contacted on 0401 414 776 and will happily provide you with more information.


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